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Atlanta Woman Helps Clients Find Career Path and Offers Life Coaching

By Kelly Church

Meredith Walters is a one-woman brand centered around helping people find their calling in life through satisfying work. The career coach lives in Atlanta, GA and personally struggled to find her own career path that gave her a happy life.

After years of not fitting in, battling depression and feeling underwhelmed and underappreciated at her job, she was inspired by coaching. She says it united many of the things she was interested in, including sharing her life lessons fighting depression. Walters became certified through the International Coaching Federation and earned her Masters in Business Administration. 

"I help [my clients] identify what type of work would be meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling, and then help them make the transition into it," Walters says. "I do this by helping them through a five-step process I've developed which starts with them learning more about themselves. Through conversations and exercises, we identify their fundamental strengths, clarify the passions they want to pursue, and define their purpose."

Walters says she typically starts by identifying elements that are important for a person to find meaning and satisfaction in their work, which turns into a brainstorm session about possible career paths. She says that people who are new to life coaching are usually surprised by how much introspective work it requires to make progress, taking a deep look at habits, patterns and what Walters calls "inner wisdom." She says that the personal work that occurs between conversations with Walters and her client is often what helps clients make the most progress.

"I often hear from people who have never been coached before that the coaching wasn't anything like what they expected," Walters says. "It's not just about setting goals and then checking off boxes until we get there, but that it was also far more valuable, transformative and far-reaching than what they had anticipated. In other words, they don't just get a new job that they like, but they also get new skills and abilities, powerful tools that help them get unstuck and new ways of approaching their life that lead to far more balance, meaning and fulfillment." 

One of her clients, for example,not only transitioned into a much more meaningful and satisfying role as a result of their work together, but also clarified her core strengths and was able to feel much more confident in them. Another client who had lots of scattered interests and never-finished projects not only narrowed down his options to find one that he was excited about pursuing but also developed the ability to stay committed to his projects and see them through to completion.

Part of the Walters' process is helping her clients work through any potential fears, anxieties or preconceived notions. She says many clients have outdated or inaccurate beliefs that stand in the way of their success in a role. Most people, for example, have fears about money and insecurities about their ability to find work they enjoy that are based on assumptions, not fact. Walters helps her clients conduct experiments that reveal what's actually possible for them, which is usually far more than they realized. She also helps her clients relieve self-doubt, improve follow through and their decision-making process.

"Because we're not taught anything in school about how to bring meaning into our work and our lives, how to identify our deepest desires and what really matters to us, or how to know what impact we want to have on the world, a lot of the work that I do is helping people develop the missing skills and abilities they need to do these things," Walters says.

"The idea is that after our work together, they're self-generating, meaning they can overcome challenges on their own and continue to live an authentic and purposeful life and make money doing what they love long after the coaching engagement is over. I got into this line of work because I believe the world would be a better place if more of us were listening to what the world is calling for from us and sharing our greatest gifts with the world." 

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