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Atlanta Personal Trainer and Lifelong Fitness Enthusiast Focuses on Individual Improvement

By Kelly Church

After growing up with a front-row seat to fitness, it was only natural that Brad Kolowich decide to join the fitness industry with his very own personal training practice. His customized approach brings one-on-one and two-on-one sessions to the Atlanta community. Over the years his team has continued to grow in size (from just Brad to now 8 people) and experience, allowing them to work with some vey respected athletes and celebrities including Tyler Perry, Alicia Silverstone and Hines Ward.

"At the studio, we specialize in one-on-one and two-on-one personal training," Kolowich says. "[Most] of our prospective clients inquire for one-on-one or two-on-one training. When a prospective client inquires, we assess both their short and long term goals which we then follow by Baseline Fitness Evaluations."

Baseline Fitness Evaluations include body point measurements, before photos, and strength and endurance tests. The combination of these evaluations allows the team to measure progress from month to month. All this information allows Kolowich and his team to cater to one person's body in the best way and provide the results they are looking for.

Training sessions incorporate strength, endurance, power and flexibility. The studio utilizes Hoist fitness equipment. Because the studio focuses on personal training, the amount of equipment isn't as vast as a traditional studio. They cover their bases, but have only a small number of treadmills and elliptical machines.

As a client of Kolowich and his team, nutritional services are also offered to make sure overall health is evaluated, not just fitness levels. In fact, Kolowich says when it comes to losing weight, nutrition is the first thing that should be addressed. Kolowich and his on-staff fitness nutritionist work with clients individually to determine their nutrition needs.

"We guide our clients nutritionally based on their specific needs," Kolowich says. "Our suggestions and guidance varies based [on] their prior individual knowledge. When it comes to losing weight, nutrition leads the way in terms of importance. Exercise is of course extremely important as well, allowing for additional calorie deficit among many other countless benefits including adding quality years to our lives."

Kolowich grew up watching his parents be dedicated to their fitness. His mom frequently practiced aerobics and his dad lifted weights. Kolowich even reminisces on a fond memory of his father using a broomstick to show him how to properly lift a barbell. His love for fitness only grew as he got older and he started working with athletes on their strength and conditioning in 2003, and before he knew it he had started his own personal training business.

"At the end of the day, life is about helping others," Kolowich says. "Finding a career that allows me to do just that while doing something that I truly enjoy is a perfect match."

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