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Artistic Adventures Shares the Calming Effects of Creating Art

By Pamela Sosnowski

For some people, yoga is the ultimate way to forget about life's daily stresses and focus on the present moment. For Jayme Whitehead, the owner of Suwanee-based art studio Artistic Adventures, it's clay.

"After two hours of 'playing in the mud', I was completely relaxed," she said. "All I could think about was how to make something out of the lump of clay in front of me. I didn't think about the stressful traffic on the way to class or the 20 things that were added to my daily 'to-do' list; I escaped from everything."

Today, she teaches the magic de-stressing properties of pottery, painting, and other arts to students of all ages at her studio or as she likes to call it, creative retreat. Artistic Adventures has been introducing people to pottery, painting, drawing, photography, and glass fusion since 2002. Participants receive one-on-one attention from encouraging instructors in a friendly atmosphere.

"The atmosphere in our classes, parties, and summer camps is relaxed and creative," she said. "Because the classes are small and more intimate in nature, students succeed and feel comfortable trying new techniques and exploring their creative side. Laughter typically abounds within the studio."

The studio's Pottery On the Wheel class is among its most popular offerings, with students learning how to create up to six clay vessels over a six-week period. The Glass Fusion class teaches how to make plates, vases, candle votives and more from glass, and demonstrates how to safely cut and fuse glass.

Each summer the studio hosts art camps for school age children and teens that include sessions in pottery, drawing, and painting. Artistic Adventures is also a popular venue for birthday parties, ladies night, scout activities, and other group events. Party guests can learn the basics of pottery, step-by-step painting, or create a masterpiece using glass.

Whitehead and her staff also organize several JOYS (Journey Of Your Soul) programs which provide outreach to seniors, individuals with special needs, cancer patients, and anyone suffering from trauma, PTSD, or grief. The JOYS programs use art to engage, heal, and help participants express themselves, and compliment professional therapy. Participants can enjoy classes at the studio, or the Artistic Adventures staff is happy to travel to assisted living centers.

Whitehead said she overcame negative beliefs that she had no creative talent and through her offerings at Artistic Adventures, she believes others can do the same, thanks to individualized attention and the laid back atmosphere.

"(Our) mission is to be a studio for success," she said. "We achieve this with experienced (20+years) and impassioned teachers and very small classes. We don't want our students to sit in frustration; we want them to relax and thrive."

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