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Appreciating Your Body's Physical 'Blueprint' with Personalized Group Training

By Kelly Church

Blueprint Fitness isn't a traditional group fitness gym. The Atlanta, GA fitness studio is more of a personalized health program, but in a group setting. The method is that each person is given a blueprint of their own bodies when they start at Blueprint Fitness. Many different types of tests are used to determine muscle balance, body awareness and strength. Limitations and abilities are assessed.

Clients interact with trainers during every session, giving them a personalized workout experienced at a group fitness price. Joshua Jarmin, owner of Blueprint Fitness, says even though workouts are in groups, the blueprint allows for an individualized workout. 

"Since we are a small group training facility, we are able to focus on each client's needs using their 'blueprint'," Jarmin says. "Each client receives a training program and our instructors use these 'blueprints' to design their workouts. The number of reps, sets, weight used and various exercises are just some of the features of our program that can be tailored to each person's individual needs. So...all fitness levels are welcome." 

Every two to three months, clients are given another blueprint measurement so their training program can be remodified to fit their present physical condition. To get a blueprint of a client, Blueprint Fitness uses a Function Movement Screen. This consists of seven different movements all worth a total of three points. This process helps determine movement patterns, balance issues and bodily restrictions, preventing injuries.

Blueprint Fitness also takes photos to assess how clients' bodies change over time, after working out. They will also measure your body fat percentage, blood pressure and pulse. Blueprint Fitness also uses pre- and post-workout mobility exercises to measure improvement. These exercises are customized based on that person's Function Movement Screen results.

"The advantage to working with an instructor is the guidance, accountability and knowledge the instructor can offer for each client based on their needs," Jarmin says. "Making adjustments to your training program, holding you accountable for your nutrition intake and making you feel like part of a family are just some of the key things you can't receive on your own at a typical training facility." 

For nutrition recommendations, Jarmin says the gym uses Charles Poliquin's BioPrint system. BioPrint factors in everything for a person's personalized nutrition recommendations: body fat, muscle mass and endocrine system. Based on this information, they are able to provide a comprehensive nutrition recommendation, including supplements. 

Blueprint Fitness lets new clients try before they buy with a two-week personal training experience for only $89.

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