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AMTC Shines A Light on the Entertainment Industry

By Elisha Neubauer

In today's world, the media is a large contributor to our daily lives. Even more so for the youth of today, who are bombarded by constant media streams at every moment of their day. Role models for our children are plucked from fashion, television, movies, and music on a constant basis. Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (AMTC) strive to be a partner to these role models, to spread their message through the use of the available media in hopes of reaching the youth of the nation.

"Media now influences, impacts and permeates every aspect of life in our world," explains Adam She, Executive Director for AMTC. "Children are averaging over 70 hours a week on media entertainment of some sort, that's over 60 thousand hours by the age of 17. As Christians, our great commission is to, 'go into all the world and share the good news with all creation' (Mark 16:15)." He adds, "What better way to follow this commission than in and through media?"

AMTC member Ricardo Hurtado on Nickelodeon's School of Rock

According to Adam, many people have been desensitized by the sensuality, violence, and perversion being featured into today's mainstream media. "They have lost hope and purpose," he says. "I believe this has a direct correlation to the steady increase in the youth suicide rate in our country." Adam and the AMTC believe that, as Christians, it is their duty to embody and inspire this hope. "This is the core of our message," he says.

"We have found the single most important attribute to maintaining a biblical worldview within the entertainment industry is staying connected to people who share similar values," Adam details. "The community of Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is a cornerstone of our ministry."

One of their programs at the AMTC is called The Bridge Prep Program. Part of the SHINE conference package, the program is specifically designed to polish, equip, and connect God's performers with each other and with the world.

AMTC member Cameron Lancour in a Target ad and in Teen Vogue with Kylie Jenner

"On the Bridge, performers gain practical industry knowledge from Talent Consultants (or TC's as they call them) that are actively working in the industry, and an in-depth online curriculum, marketing materials. They also get to be a part of AMTC's signature photoshoot and style and brand consult", Adam tells us. "They learn what they need to know so they will be ready when they are placed in front of who they need to see at SHINE." He states that they gain confidence through the experience, practice and camaraderie that they receive within the program. "We have seen lives changed even saved though the Bridge Prep Program and SHINE conference," he exclaims.

Other services and programs offered by AMTC include VIP Webinars, Classes and Shoots, AMTC Music, Open Mics, Monthly Talent Workshops, and Rise to SHINE.

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