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All About Swimming Pool Cleaning and Repair: An Interview with Melissa Downer of Sunrise Pool Services, Inc.

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Sunrise Pool Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated company that offers reliable maintenance, repairs, renovations and new construction. We are also a warranty station for all the major brands.

How often should homeowners check on their swimming pools for maintenance?

It is always a good practice for the pool owner to keep an eye on the pool daily if possible, and certainly no less than a couple times each week, mainly to be sure the water level is correct, and that the system is functioning normally.

For Every Other Week and Monthly Service, the pool owner will need to check the skimmer baskets for debris, and empty the debris when they are full. For chlorine pools that do not have a chlorine generator (salt system), the homeowner may need to make sure the chlorine levels are adequate during the summer.

The homeowner can purchase test strips or test kits to test the chlorine levels, and/or keep chlorine tablets loaded in the automatic chlorinator or other chlorine-dispensing device. Some pool owners simply keep one or two chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket in order to keep a stable chlorine level.

If the pool owner has an automatic pool cleaner, then they will need to empty the debris bag out as needed, usually once every week that they don't have a scheduled visit. For Weekly customers, there is no need to maintain any chemical levels or empty the skimmer baskets, except in extreme weather conditions like strong winds, etc.

What are the basic issues examined in a standard swimming pool service?

In a routine service visit, the technician will make sure that all basic system functions are behaving normally, that all equipment is in good condition, that all debris baskets, leaf canisters, and cleaner bags are emptied of any debris, and that the pool's water, equipment and the pool area are all clean.

What are some of the most common swimming pool repairs reported in the Georgia area?

There are a variety of issues that a pool system can encounter. The most common is a leak in the pool system, where the system is losing water and/or pulling in air. Most other issues are a result of equipment not working, whether it be the pumps not turning on, actuators not automatically opening or closing valves, or pool lights not turning on. In the winter, systems that are not protected or not functioning properly can sustain freeze damage, which can cause damage to equipment and plumbing.

Is there anything that homeowners can do to help reduce the need for or frequency of swimming pool repairs?

The most effective way to keep the system healthy is regular maintenance on the system, and being proactive about ensuring that the equipment is in good health. Keeping a close and frequent eye on the system will help keep small issues from snowballing into extensive damage to the pool system.

What is your favorite advice to give homeowners when it comes to swimming pool maintenance?

The best advice I can give a pool owner is to always maintain proper water level and be educated as much as they can about their system, and to be aware of the pool's health and functionality.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

The best way to contact us is by calling 678.804.0050 or going to and contacting the representative that best suits your needs.

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