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A Balanced Diet of Exercise at Peachtree City's CrossFit PTC

By Marina I. Jokic

CrossFit, an innovative workout program, has expanded exponentially within the last twelve years, going from thirteen locations in 2005 to over ten thousand worldwide today. The major force behind CrossFit's success has been the effectiveness of the workouts and the incredible results people see over time. Owner Ric Thompson at CrossFit PTC in Peachtree, Georgia says that CrossFit has revolutionized the industry.

In the past decade, CrossFit has become wildly popular. Some of its growth can be attributed to the success of the popular CrossFit Games on television. The CrossFit program was designed to elicit a natural hormonal response which triggers muscle gain and sheds excess fat. "These results can be seen relatively quickly, keeping motivation high," says Thompson. Quite simply, he adds, CrossFit has revolutionized the fitness industry.  

With a supportive and friendly environment, CrossFit PTC offers a broad range of programs and services. Most of all, Thompson points out, people like the feeling of community and team spirit at the gym. ""We often tell people that if Cheers [were] a CrossFit box instead of a bar, it would resemble CrossFit PTC," he says. From young to old and elite to beginner, CrossFit PTC has a suitable program for anyone.  The most sought-after adult programs include the World's Best Bootcamp, Shred, and the flagship CrossFit.

Workouts at CrossFit are anything but run-of-the-mill. Instead of a repetitive and rigid structure, workouts are vary in time, more intense, and actually fun. CrossFit works on building fitness in ten generally accepted physical areas: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

The CrossFit workouts strive to address all ten key areas in equal degree, incorporating body weight training, weight lifting, rowing, running, sprinting, and jumping rope. "We vary these movements daily and the result is a quantum leap in fitness and its related measure, health," Thompson adds.

In addition to its flagship program, CrossFit PTC also offers the Barbell Club, youth programs, CrossBalance, World's Best Bootcamp, body fat testing and private training. The CrossFit Bootcamp in particular has been especially effective for novices as well as people returning to exercise after a long hiatus.

Thompson cites that their metrics have shown the average camper losing approximately seven inches and seeing a twenty percent improvement in fitness level upon completing the program. The boot camp takes place in a six thousand square foot climate controlled facility that allows the team to offer year-round classes regardless of weather. The program was notably designed by an Air Force vet and put into practice by the CrossFit PTC owner, a Marine vet.

Clients have left raving reviews, including a woman who says the CrossFit changed her life by helping her attempt a new routine altogether, another whose travels take her across the country to different CrossFit boxes all equally excellent, and finally a person whose poor health was radically improved in six weeks. CrossFit PTC delivers change to people's lives and helps them achieve better versions of themselves.

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