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160 Years of History and Natural Gas Needs for Your Household with AGL Resources

By Elisha Neubauer

Hearing that a company has over 160 years of history is already impressive, but when you realize it's a natural gas distribution company, it's time to take a deeper look. AGL Resources has just that history, growing to reach over 1.6 million customers yearly and employing over 5,000 people; all while continuing to provide environmentally friendly natural gas to the Atlanta area.

Impressed with the statistic this company doles out, we sat down with Kristie Swink Benson, Corporate Communications for AGL Resources, to find out a little bit more about this sustainable energy source and the company behind its distribution. "Atlanta Gas Light provides natural gas delivery service to more than 1.6 million customers throughout Georgia," Benson tells us. "The company is one of the oldest corporations in the state, and we take pride in the fact that we were the first to light the streets of Atlanta."

According to Benson, natural gas is not only is an environmentally friendly energy source, but it also is American, abundant, and (big perk here) affordable. "Using natural gas promotes energy independence," she explains. "North America has one of the largest domestic supplies of natural gas in the world, more than a 100-year supply, which will continue to be a key source of energy for our country."

She stresses how dependable natural gas truly is; stating that no matter the season, natural gas is both safe and reliable. "It heats homes and businesses, allows families to prepare hot meals, dries clothes and provides hot water for comfortable showers," Benson states. "Natural gas is important to the quality of life for families and businesses in our state."

AGL has been making great strides in ensuring their ability to provide for their customers with the increasing demand for this sustainable energy source. Benson gave us a little insight into their improvements: "To meet the growing demand for natural gas, Atlanta Gas Light began making infrastructure investments more than 15 years ago to modernize and expand its natural gas distribution systems, removing all the bare steel and cast iron in Georgia," she details. "Atlanta Gas Light is now a model for the nation in pipeline replacement and has replaced more than 2,700 miles of bare steel and cast iron pipe."

So, why is it that this highly coveted, environmentally friendly natural gas is in such high demand that AGL has had to make infrastructure investments? "Natural gas has the lowest prices we've seen in many years, which means lower costs for our customers," Benson affirms. "What other product costs less today than it did five years ago? The world is looking at ways to be more energy efficient, and natural gas is a key part of that consideration."

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